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Heritage of Hot Springs in Japan
(Nihon Onsen Chi-iki Shisan in Japanese)

Book Style: A4 size, 80 pages. All color printing.
Publication Date: May 18th, 2008
Editor: Rigeonal Science Association of Spa, Japan
Editorial Board: Junji Yamamura, Michio Ishikawa, Yasushi Furuta, Hideyuki Nagashima, Yuki Yusa
Cooperators: Kiyokazu Taniguchi, Toshio Iide, Masayuki Hamada, Julie Nootbaar
Printing office: Royal Kikaku Corporation
Selling Price: 1,000 yen per book.
Order: to the RSA office, TEL 04-7098-2840, E-mail
Postal Account: 00190-6-462149,
Affiliation Name: Regional Science Association of Spa, Japan (RSA)
         (Nihon Onsen Chi-iki Gakkai in Japanese)

Contents: The 125 hot spring regions in Japan are selected, and the natural and cultural heritages
of them are described briefly in Japanese with English titles, and with many color pictures.

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