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Welcome to Regional Science Association of Spa, Japan!
  The Regional Science Association of Spa, Japan (RSA, Nihon Onsen Chi-iki Gakkai, in Japanese) was established on May, 11
th, 2003. The purpose of RSA is to study the natural and socio-cultural aspects of hot springs (ONSEN in Japanese) regions, domestic and overseas, and contribute to their invigoration and reinvigoration.
  The RSA holds conferences twice a year at different hot spring regions in Japan. It also sponsors public lectures about hot springs and the tourism, at Kusatsu hot spring, in Gunma Prefecture, central Japan, as well as in other regions, once or twice a year. (The official language of all conferences is Japanese.)
  The RSA publishes the Journal of Studies on Spa Region in Japanese, twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.
  In 2008, RSA published a book, entitled "Heritage of Hot Springs in Japan". The book introduced some 125 famous hot springs using photographs etc. (available for purchase for ¥1,000.)
  Anyone who is interested in hot springs and spa regions anywhere is welcome to join RSA. (Annual regular membership fee is ¥4,000.)


The 28th Conference of the society was held on Nov. 20th (Sun) to 21st(Mon), 2016 at Sarugakyo Spa, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

The 27th Conference of the Society was held on June 5th (Sun) to 6th (Mon), 2016 at Shimojo Spa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.  

The 3rd Atami Public Lecture on Hot Springs and the Tourism was held on Feb. 18th(Thu) to Feb. 20th(Sat), 2016, at Atami Spa, Shizuoka Prefecture.
The 13th Kusatsu Public Lectures on Hot Springs and the Tourism was held on Sep. 28th (Wed) to Sep. 30th (Fri), 2016, at Kusatsu Spa, Gunma Prefecture,Japan.

(Offical Languages are in  Japanese)

Office Ikenaga Laboratory, Faculty of Human and Social studies, Nagasaki International University
Phone: 81-956-20-5526,
FAX 81-956-39-4908
Postal Account: 00190-6-462149,
Kusatsu Onsen, One of the Most Famous Spa, in Japan

Hot spring source; Yubatake,
at Kusatsu Spa, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, (Photo at 2007)

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